PGESCo Standards and Code of Conduct

Policy Statement:

We use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community to create engineering solutions for a sustainable and better future for the advancement of human welfare and quality of life.

In doing so, we strive to serve the community ahead of the others. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct defines the values and principles that shape the decisions we make in our business practice.

Fundamental principles of conduct of PGESCo include truth, honesty and trustworthiness in our service to society, and honorable and ethical practice showing fairness, courtesy and good faith toward clients, colleagues and others. We take societal, cultural, economic, environmental and safety aspects into consideration.

PGESCo, its employees, and agents observe and maintain our Fundamental Canons of Ethics and Business Conduct in their relationships with clients, suppliers, subcontractors and others.

As part of meeting those criteria PGESCo is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. PGESCo does not tolerate behavior which is not fair and ethical. Any action taken by PGESCo or its employees or agents must be fully justifiable and not cause concern or unfavorable publicity or embarrassment if disclosed.

PGESCo deals only with clients and others having ethical standards compatible with its own. No impropriety should or can be tolerated. A prompt report is made whenever PGESCo knows or is informed by a reliable source that a client, supplier, subcontractor or other participant (including a PGESCo employee) in a PGESCo project is acting illegally or unethically.

In furtherance of this Policy PGESCo adheres to the following fundamental Canons of Ethics and Business Conduct:

Hold paramount the safety, health, environment and welfare of the public and strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of our professional duties.

Act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance the honor, integrity, and dignity of the business profession and act with zero tolerance for bribery, fraud, and corruption. Act in full compliance with Laws.

Act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Maintain work environment with respect the dignity of all persons, equal opportunities, and keep free of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation.

PGESCo builds its professional reputation on the merit of its services; and its ability to compete fairly with others to perform services. Perform services only in areas of our competence.

Use properly the Confidential and Proprietary information entrusted to PGESCo.

Continue our professional development, and provide opportunities for the professional development of our employees.

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