Picture1Picture2PGESCo IS&T Mission is to Enable PGESCo to achieve all strategic goals by empowering each employee to reach his full potential by Providing industry best solutions/ practices and In-house developed platforms with superior quality

The Information systems and Technology department is a key strategic business enabler for PGESCo with high end technology and automation development in all PGESCo business processes and through the high quality, efficient, integrated, reliable and cost effective solutions that serves the key core and essential PGESCo business processes.


PGESCo IS&T services portfolio consists of


  • Infrastructure and cloud environment management which includes Datacenter and Network/Communication management.
  • IT Governance, Security and Audit Services.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Engineering Design Platform suite (CAD, CAE) which diversify from Commercial design tools with specific customizations on PGESCo design processes and PGESCo owned design platform.
  • Document management systems for all projects documentation
  • Business Process Automation and in-house development for providing efficient and reliable business tools.
  • Hardware and software support for all PGESCo users in the design office and job sites.
  • IT Project Management

The IS&T strategy is dynamically aligned with PGESCo strategic move 2020 plan and 3rd generation program by focusing on

  • Picture5Delivering value engineering design tools that is owned by PGESCo.
  • Empowering PGESCo with latest and standard practices/technology.
  • Enabling PGESCo users’ mobility to work anywhere from any device.