Baiji Power Plant Project In Iraq



BAIJI project Architectural Design included the following ancillary buildings:

  • One, (1) Administration Building, (2-Story Building, approx.900 Square Meters each).
  • One, (1) Firefighting Stations, (Single-Story Building, approx.500 Square).
  • One, (1) Store Building, (Single-Story Building, approx.960 Square Meters).
  • One, (1) Workshop Building, (2-Story Building, approx.1000 Square Meters each).

BAIJI project Architectural Design included a Housing Colony that consisted of the following:

  • One, (1) Bachelor house Building, (30 persons) (2-Story Building, approx.500 Square Meters each).
  • One, (1) Mosque ((Single-Story Building, for 100 Persons).
  • One, (1) First Aid Building (Clinic) (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Canteen Building (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Staff Amenities Building (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Garage Building (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Main Security Gatehouse (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Secondary Security Gatehouse (Single-Story Building).
  • One, (1) Security fences, Sixteen, (16) guard towers and Two (2) gates.
  • Landscape, Roads, playgrounds, and wall fence.