Al Shabab Desalination And Water Treatment Facilities



Al Shabab power project includes desalination and water/waste water treatment systems to serve the plant water demand of high purity demineralized water required for boiler feed as well as various power plant users. Ground Water is supplied via deep well field to feed the desalination and water treatment systems. The desalination and water/waste water treatment installed in Al Shabab power project includes:

Pretreatment System Ultra filtration modules (UF) 3 x 3500 m3/day
Desalination System Double pass reverse osmosis (brackish water) 2 x 3750 m3/day
Demineralization System Mixed bed deionizer 2 x 3120 m3/day
Condensate polisher System Pre-coat filters 4 x 600 m3/h
Waste water treatment system Oil separation / clarification / filtration / pH adjustment 1200 m3/day
Potable water treatment UF + RO + Activated carbon + Chlorination 120 m3/day
Sewage treatment plant Extended aeration 120 m3/day


Project Details
Owner East Delta Electricity Production Company
Location Ismailia, Egypt
Date of Award October 2011
Contractual Duration 10 Months
Scope Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services