Al Shabab Add-On Power Plant 500 MW



Plant Description

Al Shabab site is located 33 Km West and 10 km South of Ismailia and El-Kassassin Cities respectively, in the Ismailia Governorate. The existing facility consists of eight (8) outdoor combustion turbine generators (CTGs) GE Frame 9E (8 x 125 MW) installed and commissioned in 2011.

The new project accommodates two (2) combined cycle modules. Both modules have a 4x4x1 configuration consisting of four (4) combustion turbines from the existing units. Each one feeds its exhaust gases to its respective heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) for a total of four (4) HRSGs and one 250 MW nominal steam turbine unit. Steam generated from the four (4) HRSGs feeds one 250 MW, non- reheat, condensing steam turbine generator (STG).

The new facility estimated 500 MW net output is achieved when burning natural gas in the CTGs with no supplementary firing in the HRSGs. The steam exhausted from the steam turbine is discharged into an air cooled condenser. Air is used for the power plant cooling demand. Power generated is stepped up through main transformers and fed to the utility grid via an onsite GIS existing switchyard facility 220 kV over head transmission line (OHTL). The current switchyard has space for two spare bays adequate for the new steam turbine units.

The project contracting plan utilized a multi-package system. Eight (8) contracting packages and purchase orders procured the equipment and services.

Project Details
Owner East Delta Electricity Production Company
Location Ismailia, Egypt
Date of Award September 2013
Contractual Duration 36 months
Scope - All conceptual and detailed design of plant systems

- Preparation of all tenders, the documents included commercial and legal terms and followed the financing institutes and Owner procurement guidelines

- Project management, construction management, startup and commissioning management, which included initial operation support.