Who We Are

We deliver quality projects on time with 0 accidents and 0 Failures

PGESCo differentiators defined in innovative engineering, procurement and construction management services solutions, brand it as an engineering premier consultant.

For more than two decades, PGESCo has shown proven capabilities by safely providing land mark projects for energy and industrial sectors in Egypt and the MENA region.

Since inception, PGESCo has engineered and managed sophisticated projects in challenging environments with focus on delivering top quality and best services on schedule and within budget. From business planning to operation and maintenance PGESCo provides advanced complete integrated services.

We offer complete integrated project services


PGESCo Records


PGESCo’s vast experience contributed significantly to the understanding of power and industrial projects requirements, providing EPC/EPCM smart solutions for governmental utilities and commercial Clients.

In the field of power plants, PGESCo has designed, supervised and managed over 36,290 MW of power projects in Egypt alone. Similarly, PGESCo has got on its records over 13,640 MW on-going and completed projects in Libya and Iraq including all types of power plants such as combined cycle plants, steam power plants, and simple cycle power plants. Also desalination plants, substations and transmission lines projects.

Our Core Proficiency


  • Provide high quality management and safety standards to prevent accidents
  • Establish complete integrated project services
  • Adopt latest technologies to maximize resource efficiency


  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and loyalty to clients
  • Continually improve and share the best value added with stakeholders.


  • Add new technologies to promote new business
  • Undertake Innovative technology and solutions
  • Incorporate IT system as the basic foundation for engineering

Towards the year 2020

Strategic Direction