PGESCo Go Green

PGESCo is “Going Green Together” because fresh air, clean water and safe food are the building blocks of a dignified life. Industrial development has moved society forward technologically, but wreaked havoc on nature’s gifts to humanity. Resource scarcity caused by natural resources overconsumption, environmental exploitation and unsustainable development creates an urgent need to protect, control and manage what is left of nature’s treasures.

Go-Green-002Environmental difficulties are a universal predicament affecting all of Earth’s inhabitants. Pollution has no boundaries and does not differentiate between culture, gender, age or social standing. Constructively tackling environmental problems through cooperative initiatives can pave the way to environmental and social improvements. PGESCo recognizes its corporate social responsibility to commit to protect the planet today so it is habitable tomorrow.

Activities directly and indirectly significantly affect our environment. The Go Green seeds of awareness were planted by promoting the environmental cause through a voluntary campaign.  A group of PGESCo employees took it upon themselves to make a change by working in their personal and professional spare time, asking employees to heed the slogan “Going Green Together”.


The volunteers put together a presentation that was given to all departments, about why environmental protection should be a priority and how our daily activities impact the environment more than we realize. The presentation highlighted how seemingly small changes can make a cumulative difference. Posters were hung up throughout PGESCo’s office as a visual reminder to reduce energy, plastic, paper and water consumption. The group created a page on the company intranet page providing green tips. Environmentally useful souvenirs, like glass cups to encourage people to stop using plastic disposable cups, were distributed to all staff.  Employees came together in an outdoor come and go event, to create recycle boxes out of old cardboard boxes. The company took further action by replacing light bulbs and installing water saving devices.

When PGESCo employees in every department and at all career levels worked together, the Go Green endeavor yielded noted and quantified improvements. Consumption of electricity, paper and plastic went down 11, 34 and 57 percent respectively from 2013 to 2015.

PGESCo aims with everyone’s genuine interest and collaboration to inspire green acts so environmental protection and social cooperation becomes a way of life for staff, their families and the community at large.