Environmental Safety & Health

PGESCo as a world class power & industrial projects management organization is continually striving for excellence in every aspect of Environmental Safety & Health performance utilizing all the available internal and external resources to achieve zero Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) incidents in boundary of quality culture work ethic in order to protect the environment.

PGESCo’s   ES&H Policy is:

  • Hold ES&H to the highest value and strive to fulfill and optimize the use of continual improvement practices through cost-effective and self- assessment. As the basis for “Zero Accident” Tolerance.
  • Comply with all applicable ES&H legal requirements in Egypt and other requirements that the organization subscribes as stipulated on the ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Monitor and audit performance regularly to guarantee commitments are executed.
  • Provide professionally a safe work environment to employee working for and on behalf of PGESCo.
  • Ensure project personnel have received the required ES&H training.
  • Spread ownership for ES&H effectiveness throughout our projects.
  • Promote ES&H life styles and practices through education and encouragement.
  • Integrate ES&H considerations into bid decisions, planning and execution of PGESCo projects.
  • Continually improve ES&H related technologies and processes.
  • Communicate actively, visibly, and effectively with shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, regulators and the public on ES&H matters.