PGESCo Training Capabilities

Since the foundation of PGESCo, training was an essential part of its staff daily activities. Such training was conducted through various methods; internal and external class room training, induction training, or on job training and coaching.

Over the years, these activities were evolved to form extensive knowhow materials, library of lectures and supporting documents. In the same time such knowledge was continuously transmitted to PGESCo personnel in various fields of Power Plants Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM).

Also, this knowledge was utilized effectively in designing training programs for PGESCo’s client personnel that are included in PGESCo’s contracts.

Based on PGESCo knowhow and training library, PGESCo possess in-house expertise that is capable of conducted extensive training courses in all EPCM fields of all types of power plants; Conventional steam turbine, combustion turbine, or combined cycle power plants, in addition to their ancillary equipment and electrical power systems including architectural design, structural design, control system design electrical system design, mechanical design and piping design etc.

Recently, PGESCo successfully completed a three months Class room and on job training for a group of Iraqi Power Plants engineers as a part of PGESCo scope for Al Anbar and Salah El Din power plants contracts.