Suez Desalination And Water Treatment Facilities



Suez power project includes desalination and water/waste water treatment systems to serve the plant water demand of high purity demineralized water required for boiler feed as well as various power plant users. Sea water from Red sea is supplied via intake structure to feed the desalination system through power plant pump house where supply pumps and sea water screens is located. The desalination and water/waste water treatment installed in Suez power project includes:

Intake Design Open intake
Chlorination System On site hypochlorite generation system 2 x 300 kg cl2/h
Raw Water Pretreatment System Multi Effect Distillation with Thermal Vapor compression (MED-TVC) 6,000 m3/day
Demineralization System Mixed bed deionizer 3 x 1080 m3/day
Condensate polisher System Externally Regenerated Mixed Beds 2 x 900 m3/h
Waste water treatment system Oil separation / clarification / filtration / pH adjustment 2400 m3/h
Project Details
Owner East Delta Electricity Production Company
Location Suez, Egypt
Date of Award October 2012
Contractual Duration 18 Months
Scope Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services